Top English Video Songs


Top english video songs

English songs are perhaps the most watched songs on the entire planet. One can go on and on while watching the english video songs without the slightest sign of boredom. There are bollywood video songs as well, that have catchy lyrics, groovy moves and rocking tune, yet it looks like they are no match for the english video songs. There ought to be some reason for the love of people towards the english songs. One probable reason behind their tremendous success could be the rise of social media and sources of entertainment. Just type “ top english video songs” on google or youtube and you would come across with thousands of results in a flash of second pertaining to english video songs.

If you get your eyes on the list of top english video songs then you would get a glimpse of how strongly attached people feel when watching to some top level english video songs. Look at the views these songs acquire from the audience across the World. Phew ! Pretty massive numbers for one song though. The numbers of likes and views that a top english video song receives in a fortnight’s time could easily give the creators of bollywood songs a mild heart attack if they ever came for a competition. Billion is the new million for the top english video songs. What a thumping response they receive from the masses !

I was completely dumbstruck when I got to know that more than half of the present day India that constitute of people in the age group of 18-30 are avid listeners and viewers of english video songs.Some have totally boycotted watching bollywood songs, thinking them as a disgrace to the world of music. Let me tell you the truth, even I wasn’t a great fan of english songs myself, but the hype that surrounded it and the people around me compelled me to give it a try though, and it is one decision of mine in the recent times that really changed my mindset for the best. Now I am a true english song buff myself who spends almost half of the day listening or watching to some quality english video while getting the routine chores done.

And you know what, when you tell people that you don’t like listening or watching to english video songs, believe me, they will give you some nasty stares,they would probably end up making you feel like a dumb, uncivilized and uneducated person who has no clue or taste about the music. Chances are that you might get totally ignored from the people and would end up being an outcast. Such is the craze and following for the so called english video songs, that if you raise this as a topic for a debate or group discussion, then people might end up speaking hours on this topic without any problem.

Trust me when I say this, If you are having a bad day and feeling a bit down then a right collection of some quality english songs is what you should listen to get back on your rejoicing mood, feeling a bit demotivated or lost from work, then tune in to some pop or rock music that might put you back on the track, feeling a bit emotional, it is the english songs that you should go in for to put an end to your emotional outburst. See! How can anyone get bored from the english video songs ? They are the songs for all occasions. Also, they seem to be more diverse in their culture, something that bollywood would find hard to match up with in the recent times. So,let’s glance at some english video songs that have seem to have left an impact on the audience across the World since their inception into the universe.

Top English Video Songs is a list of most watched video songs in English language on Youtube. You might ask why on Youtube? Then let me tell you that Youtube is the largest video hub where loads of videos are added each hour. You get all types of videos at one place. Therefore, the video popularity is counted on views. More clearly, the more is the view of the video, the more popular it is. Here I am presenting you some of the Top English Video Songs that have mostly been viewed by people on Youtube.

Top English Video Songs

We have already discussed how Youtube plays a major role in our lives. So here, we will be discussing the English Video Songs that have the majority of video views on Youtube. The list is especially curated for you keeping in mind the music taste of the maximum people. Without much ranting let’s get straight into the top English Video Songs in details.

  • Despacito : Despacito is a Spanish song sung by a Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee, an Puerto Rican rapper. The song has received 5.33 billion views on Youtube. Various versions of the song has also been uploaded by singers around the globe that includes Justin Bieber who sung the English version of the song.
  • Shape Of You : Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You is a hit song that has captured a lot of hearts. This song was released under an album in 2017. The song has got a very simple music but a very touching romantic lyrics that would make anyone fall for it. It is standing second in our list and has gained a total video view of 3.6 billion till now.
  • Perfect : Perfect sung by Ed Sheeran is another hit song that has been released under the album Deluxe. Having a video view of 1.2 billion, the song has a beautiful lyrics and very soothing to ears. It is a sweet love story that states whatsoever her girl looks like, she is perfect in everyway to her lover even if she thinks she is not.
  • Best Song Ever : Best Song Ever from the house of One Direction is really the best love song ever. The song has a soulful lyrics and tune that has made it gain 588 million views on Youtube. The song lyrics is pretty much simple that states a girl has entered the heart of his lover and stole it intending not to give it back which was followed by a dance on the best song ever. Sweet enough!
  • Love Story : Taylor Swift’s Love Story is a melodious song that has been released under the album Fearless in the year 2008. It is basically a love story with a hint of disappointment that a girl who loves a boy has not come to flee with her though she was waiting all time for him to come. The song has got a video view of 443 million on Youtube.
  • Right Now : this song has been sung by the famous American singer and songwriter Akon. Akon’s songs are always good and lively and this is no different. The song has gained 348 million views on Youtube. The song is a love story where the lovers meet each other after a very long time and they miss each other very much. A beautiful song that should be there in your playlist.

Here’s the end of the list of Top English Video Songs. But there’s a disclaimer that the list is just not the end of the top english video songs because new songs gets added to Youtube each day, each week. So new songs having the maximum views may top the chart which has not been stated here. All in all, you will love the list and play them next time you visit Youtube.