New and Latest Video Songs


New Latest Video Songs

In this era of Google, where everything related to anything could be found on Youtube, it has been observed that majority of the population across the World spend major part of their time looking up something or the other on Youtube where one video leads to another and the cycle continues. And in that process, you actually end up spending the half of your daily routine in just hopping on from one video song to another. The first video sparks the interest, the second gets us going further and then what follows is a series of endless hours of videos that ensure a 100 percent entertainment to the viewers.

Let me ask you a question, it might seem difficult to answer from your end, still you could give it a try, so here goes the question – How many video songs get released across the World in a year duration? Stumped,right ? Well, what I can tell you is that around 4 billion videos are viewed each day on Youtube and around 3 billion hours of video is watched by near around a billion people each month, so based on the above stats, you can make a wild guess on the number of videos that make their way on Youtube and what percentage of the videos come under the category of songs each year.

Phew! Mind boggling stats isn’t it ? Well if we want then we can divide the video songs for 2018 further into pop, romantic, rock and roll, blues, jazz and so on. Sometimes I wonder, what our life would have been without Youtube. It is one place where all the happenings across any part of the World if captured in the form of a video could be seen without moving an inch. Bollywood songs, english songs and regional songs related to any country or state specific are just few clicks away on Youtube. Moreover, what amazes me the most is the use of videos to properly depict the artistic performance of any performer rather than just confining to the usual audio version which was the case two decades ago.

Some video songs leave a huge impact on the audience’s mind with their visual content and thus captivates the viewers into watching them again and again. The fact that you could actually live a particular moment, feel it, and enjoy it to the fullest with the music running in the background is something that millions and billions would have fascinated about at some point or the other. It would be pretty lame to even question or poll among the audience regarding the form of depiction they like the most the audio and video. One can’t deny the degree of satisfaction that is received through the video songs, something that could never be emulated with the audio versions. The people who were born in 90s should be quite fortunate to have witnessed the eras of both audio as well as video songs while in the growing up period.

Every passing year brings in thousands and millions of video songs that form the source of entertainment for another couple of billions. Even 2018 seems to a promising year for witnessing some top quality new video songs and some have even managed to plunge their way into the category of top video songs of the year with more than half of the year to spare. Without wasting any second further, let us get a glimpse of some of the new video songs of 2018 that could be heard buzzing on the audience’s lips till the end of the year and also in the years to come.

New Video Songs 2018 is a list presented to you comprising of new songs that comes in video format. As you already know, Youtube is the best video hub as about 95% of the population crowds in millions in the Youtube each day, though there are new video hubs that have lately come into the market. Each day and sometimes each week new video songs are added to Youtube so that you remain updated with the latest releases and also you can hear them out on your smartphone anytime if it has a working internet connection. So, without much waiting let’s get going.

New Video Songs 2018

As stated earlier, new video songs gets added each week and sometimes each day. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the new video songs that has been launched in 2018 and are raging the video songs list in the Youtube.

  • Dilbar : Dilbar is the trending video song right at this point of time and has got over 145 million views till date. It is the most sensuous item song from the movie Satyamev Jayate starring John Abraham and Nora Fatehi. Tanishk and Neha Kakkar are the singers. The song is the modified version of the original song Dilbar from the movie Sirf Tum.
  • High Rated Gabru : High Rated Gabru has received over 74 million views and hails from the new movie Nawabzaade that features Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor in the song only. The original song was from an album and was sung By Guru Randhawa that was released an year ago. It is basically a Punjabi song.
  • I wanna Do : A Justin Bieber sung song that has been released in January 2018. The song features Chainsmokers. Both the lyrics and music of the song is worth mentioning though it has got very few likes which is over 42k. If you are a Belieber and have not seen the video song, then it is highly suggested that you see it right away.
  • Delicate : Delicate is a new release and the song has been sung by eminent American singer cum songwriter Taylor Swift. The song video also features Taylor Swift where she can be spotted dancing. The song has an unique storyline and has receives a video view of 224 million.
  • Prada : An absolutely fabulous song sung by and penned down by Jass Manak himself. The song has gained a video song view of 113 million on Youtube which is quite a decent achievement. The song is not a bollywood song but a new Punjabi song of 2018 and has been uploaded by GeetMp3. Hope to see it in some bollywood movie someday.
  • Naino Se Bandhi : Naino Se Bandhi is a beautiful track from the upcoming film Gold starring Akshay Kumar. Though this song belongs to a film that has not yet been released, but the song has been released on Youtube earlier in the mid 2018.
  • Fine By Me : Chris Brown’s Fine By Me new video song of 2018 has made its way through the list with 43 million video views on Youtube. The song belongs to his album ‘Royalty’. Chris Brown has been an amazing singer and this is clearly seen from his songs including this latest 2018 release.

Here we come to the end of the list which is incomplete without the mention of some of the other songs that need special attention such as Tere Naal Nachna (Nawabzaade), XXXTentacion (Sad), Rondi (Punjabi song), Lil Pump (Drug Addicted), Oh Humsafar (Neha Kakkar), God Is A Woman (Ariana Grande), Buzz (Ft. Priyank Sharma), Bed (Nicki Minaj), Made In India (Guru Randhawa) and Mohabbat (Fanney Khan).